But maybe special things are happening inside

I’ve been walking home for a while now and I’ve been the chef at home with moderate success. Tomorrow is Oven Fried Tilapia night! (As far as fish go, Tilapia is about as bland as dry toast but I have high hopes for this dish as it promises “to taste almost fried.”)

I’m also trying to eat fruits and vegetables every damn day and I’ve cut down on coffee and pop.

So in the course of this new adventure in health, I have learned three things:

  1. I don’t really like cooking as much as I thought I might — it will never be a hobby. But I don’t hate it and it’s better than eating out all the time. I now think of it as a household chore along the lines of cleaning the bathroom — a necessary task that makes you feel better once it’s done well.
  2. I like walking. This wasn’t really a surprise but I was happy to rediscover this fact. What I like the best about my new habit is listening to documentaries along the way. I know that I will never like jogging, however.
  3. I feel pretty much the same. My knees still hurt sometimes and no aches and pains have suddenly evaporated. I still have crepey eyelid skin . But maybe special things are happening inside.

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