bookmark_borderMy new dumb hobby

I have been looking for a new hobby that does not involve any type of strenuous exercise. So I began my investigation into some fun things that might work for me.

Extreme ironing sounded like a possibly at first. I like ironing and all tasks housekeeping. But it was not what I thought was — I imagined getting some really intense creases on shirts that stand up by themselves. But no.

Buttoning these is very hard on the fingers.

So I landed on raw denim. It’s a hobby mostly practiced by men  — and there’s a pretty big following on Reddit. It’s super nerdy, niche and costs way too much money — so just up my alley.

I read this particular thread before I began this post for inspiration: How do you explain your raw denim hobby to others?

It all started because I hate flimsy jeans. And most women’s jeans are that awful stretch denim that clings unattractively — at least on chubby me — and become loose after multiple wears and washes.

And don’t get me started on those dumb jeggings. I will never wear yoga pants that masquerade as jeans.

So I order a pair of 18 Oz raw selvedge jeans. They are very thick.

  • Lightweight jeans — under 12 Oz.
  • Mid-weight jeans — from 12 Oz. – 16 Oz.
  • Heavyweight jeans — anything above 16 Oz.

They arrived stiff as a plank and it was like putting on pants made of cardboard. I have been wearing then around the house and I love them. Plus I can almost bend my knees in them now.

bookmark_borderNew blue babies!

I don’t have a category in my blog called “footwear,” but I should — I write a lot about shoes and boots. A lot.

And thanks to the joy that is online shopping these babies arrived earlier today!

Who doesn’t need a blue shoe? Who?

And they won’t be parked in shoe purgatory under my desk!

I do wear these shoes, they are just parked temporarily until I am once again moved by their charms…