bookmark_borderHave you met LinkedIn Christine Elias?

Facebook Christine hanging in her kitchen.

If you read my blog, you probably know “Facebook Christine Elias” very well. She’s fun, she likes to travel, she hates hot weather and loves footwear.

Christmas fun!
The hot hell that is Hawaii.
Blue ones…
Brown ones…
Fancy ones…
Cool, too. But not hip.
LinkedIn Christine Elias in a suit.

But LinkedIn Christine Elias? She’s fun, too. But a more serious, professional kinda fun. Visit me there, we’ll talk strategy — not shoes.

bookmark_borderOpening Soon: The Christine Elias Career Museum

My colleague says I could create the Christine Elias Career Museum with the sheer amount of work bumf I have squirreled away in various corners of my office.

Do I need the complete Nortel Visual Identity Guidelines — including the stationery, signage and forms sections? Apparently, yes. Yes, I do.nortel

Of course, people actually remember Nortel.
Who remembers, jobsOntario Training (there is not even a link to tell you about it!) — a skills development and employment program of the Ontario government? Me! It was my first career-type job.

A Cito business card holder? Could you part with some tangible item from your fourth job? If so, you are a stronger person than I could ever be.cito

There’s more stuff around, but I am still in process of cataloging the collection.