bookmark_borderHow hard can it be?

I enjoy fashion and footwear YouTubers.

And I floated the idea of starting one called Dressing Daneille.

Not fully (or even remotely) onboard — my beloved spouse Danielle suggested Dressing Christine instead. But the alliteration is just too good to change my plans now.

But the catch (as explained to me), is we need to have five episodes in the can first. And she’d need to look at my storyboards first.

It is apparently — “not easy as I think.”

Now, I don’t think it will be easy — but surely someone like me who has an actual (decades ago, but still!) education in this kind of stuff can do this?

Typing this, I am reminded that Danielle is the one who actually puts together our (excellent) vacation videos.

All I do is take some of the shots in situ and make suggestions to the edits when we’re at home. But it’s my carefully honed skills and natural storytelling talents that enable me to be such a good partner in these tasks.

The first episode is going to be about a “going out for dinner” outfit based around Danielle’s favourite new boots.

The second episode will be about how Danielle discovered the boots and will then segue into a tour of my own Tricker’s footwear collection.

I am sure that no one is holding their breath for this newest entry into the YouTube universe.

bookmark_borderGoodbye for now. I am going to enjoy some quiet time in my garden. (As if.)

We’ll be travelling to the U.K. in a few weeks, and I’m determined to pack lightly.

I have never been an especially strong person, but now as I settle into middle-age — when does that start anyway? — I absolutely cannot carry a large suitcase up stairs and on and off trains. And we will be on a train! I love trains…

And so, this post was supposed to be about some packing tricks I learned on YouTube and about the electric train we’re taking from Edinburgh to London.

But then I googled middle-age, and now I don’t feel like typing with my aged, wrinkly fingers anymore. According to this one website I visited, I will be middle-aged for just a few more months.

I thought I had five years left! I mean I don’t think it starts at 55 like this article says — but surely it doesn’t end there!

  • Mature (55-70):Your kids are young adults or grown-ups and you’re finding comfort in neutral colours. Retirement is on the horizon and you’re looking forward to some quiet time in the garden and the grandkids making an appearance.

Does not having kids extend the period for me? I’m not ready, or interested in, being a “mature” adult. (What kind of dumb euphemism is that anyway? Mature sounds like I am plant that has reached is full height or something.)

Goodbye for now. I am going to enjoy some quiet time in my garden. (As if.)