Hipsters and Vegetables

Usually I like to walk down Huron on my way home — it’s quiet and leafy.

But sometimes I walk down Augusta and every time I do, I ask myself: why don’t I come to Kensington Market more often.

And then I remember…

Kensington is like a crazy friend who you can only meet for coffee so often.

I love it there. The smells the food, the cheese, the fruit, the vegetables, the spices, the vintage shops, the hipsters and the little old people. But it’s hectic and crowded and I can only take that in small (but frequent) doses.

I walked that way today because I needed to go the hardware store and I was also on a mission to buy an apron.

Not only did I find two great aprons, I also bought a cobbler apron. Yes, the kind older Eastern European ladies enjoy — except mine is solid black, not a floral print.


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