The happiest day of the year

It’s almost time to put away my summer clothes and get out my boots and autumn clothing.

I am beside myself with anticipation.

I hate summer. I hate being hot. I hate not being able to layer in attractive and flattering ways. I hate not wearing interesting shoes and boots.

Already the weather is wonderful. Sunny and warm but not hot. There’s a nice breeze in the air and I can breathe better.

I know hating summer is atypical but I’ve always felt this way. I’m the type of person who prefers to eat indoors — patio season does little for me.

I attended an outdoor eating occasion a while ago and a good portion of time was spent shooing away wasps. There were no wasps inside the house but somehow sitting on uncomfortable plastic furniture outside was better — more festive I guess.

This is not to say I don’t sometimes like sitting outside — I do — I also sometimes like going grocery shopping. Both activities are not high on my list but each can have their moments.

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