Facebook Redux

I was thinking about Facebook after I read this article in the NY Times.

Whenever I log in I see wall posts that don’t really resonate with me.

For example, one person posts religious quotations/thoughts. We went to high school together and were never great friends but we were friendly. She may well have been an Evangelical Christian as a teen, I really don’t recall. She was — and probably still is — a very nice person.

I don’t have anything against people of deep faith, I just don’t share their fervent devotion.

Then there are people —also from high school — who talk about and post pictures of their kids. Now, I like children and I enjoy looking at the photos of children I know.

But these are kids I have never met. In fact, I haven’t seen the parents since we were pretty much children ourselves. (Plus it freaks me out that people I went to high school with have so many kids).

But something is stopping me from deleting people I don’t keep up with now.

I’m not sure what it is. Nostalgia perhaps. Or maybe it’s something else.


  1. I have a no application policy — Facebook is already leaky enough as it is. My setting are so high now that no one could find me now but I see your point.

    I still like using it to talk to my friends though…

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