Why I go to work

So it’s spring and with it comes my annual trek to Goodwill. I donate with abandon. It’s cleansing — almost like a day at the spa.

I do like collecting things so it’s good I harbour no hoarding tendencies. I have no trouble getting rid of things once they’ve outlived their purpose — or when they simply no longer excite me.

Some people choose to have children, I elected instead to have Calligaris dining room chairs. And next year I may fall in love with some new Kartell pieces.

The house and closets are now neat but also a bit empty. Like a big happy smile with missing teeth.

So now I am working on the Spring 2010 list of things I can’t live without.

My top ten in reverse order:

10. A Blu Dot bookshelf.
9. An Anglepoise Giant 1227 lamp. Ideally in white..
8. A Kuerig coffee maker.
7. Some new knives and a new universal block to accompany them.
6. An Ipad.
5. An Ipad.
4. An Ipad.
3. An Ipad.
2. An Ipad.
1. An Ipad.

I know, I know….I’m a shallow consumerist. But I recycle and I use non-toxic cleaning products in the home — so it all evens out.


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