New Christine

When I turned 40 I decided to make some changes in my life. Not very original, I realize.

If I go skydiving or climb Mount Kilimanjaro at 50, perhaps it will be just be the natural progression of Christine the cliché .

So I quit smoking — probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I still crave cigarettes a few times every single day and I hope this will eventually subside. (My doctor said it could take a year. Others have said the cravings never really go away.)

I started walking to and from work. I actually enjoy this new part of my routine. It’s easy and I have time to gather my thoughts before and after the challenges of my day. I don’t expect to be jogging any time soon — my knees would object.

I’ve also tried to bring healthier eating into my home. That’s been only a moderate success. Food (especially the unhealthy stuff) is a pleasure that’s hard to give up. So yeah, there are now fruits and vegetables but there’s also chips, ice cream and candies.

So it’s been almost two years of the new Christine and the new Christine is very much like the old Christine. A little smaller. A little fitter. And a little more jittery.

And I’m okay with that. And if I mention any mountain climbing adventure just hand me a gin and tonic.

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