why I am not rich

The hard part is not coming up with a new invention — it’s the development and marketing that’s hard. One needs to get adequate financial backing.

A few years ago I invented a device for helping me do laundry. See, I’m not very tall and I can’t reach into the washing machine to pull out the clothes. I used to get a stool but this was awkward. So I had the brilliant idea of using barbeque tongs to grab the clothes. This works very well and it makes laundry day a delight. I even put a special hook in the laundry closet (not room, sadly) to hold my tongs for easy access.

Today when I was washing my jeans I had brief fantasy about becoming rich from my invention. I’m not the only one who could use this, right? There is potentially a huge market.

The first step is market research — and I just discovered I’m about 150 years too late.

And you can still buy them today

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