looking forward to things

It might be too early but I’m ready to start my New York countdown. A group of my friends are going there in June. We don’t go every year (as a group) but we do try to go as often as we can. It looks like we’re back on our yearly schedule however (after a hiatus) as we did go last spring as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing some good plays and dining out. I also enjoy the cocktail portion of our adventures. I’m usually barely awake for the breakfast conversation but my friends seem to cope with this. Years ago, I got a nickname on one of our trips — Baby Spice — chosen because I was the youngest and most untraveled. That’s all behind me now, of course. I’m now a seasoned big city tourist.

I like having things to look forward but who doesn’t, really?

I’m also looking forward to a trip to Chicago in the summer to watch baseball (well that part is — admittedly — not the highlight for me but I do enjoy sporting events— especially the snack portion of the proceedings) and to go shopping and see the sites. I’ve only been to Chicago once and that was many years ago. (That trip even predates “Baby Spice”.)

Also, a long way off, is a trip to Iceland for my 40th birthday. Mind you, that’s so far away that global warming may cause that nation to slip into the sea before I see my fourth decade.

Other highlights include wearing some new spring pants I purchased at Joe this week and wearing my new boots tomorrow.


  1. I have a feeling Iceland will still be there. Your “fourth decade” is not that far off.

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