Turn it off…

So I’m watching House Hunters and they’re in Chicago looking at condos.

Right now the perky couple is looking at a place with exposed brick, hardwood floors and high-end appliances. Not to mention the stunning bathrooms and huge walk in closet.

The place is 1300 square feet and is listed at $250,000.

Insane. Just insane.

You can get 430 square feet in my condo for about $250,000. Very young people in skinny jeans live in those units.

I’m not sure where I am going with this. I realize Toronto is an expensive city and we don’t have to live downtown. No one twisted our arms.

People do live — happily they claim — in Whitby and Vaughn.

Maybe I should just stop watching this godforsaken show. Or else move to Oshawa and shut the hell up.


  1. We did the walk of shame back to the burbs. It was the realization that someone would pay us half a million for a piece of crap, uninsulated, 92-year-old semi-detached and leave us with almost nearly mortgage-free in a two-year-old, insulated, energy-efficient house where homeless people don’t panhandle from door-to-door and then take a crap on your front porch when you decline (can’t prove it but don’t believe it was coincidental, either).

  2. Sometimes I think the same thing about moving to the ‘burbs. Almost mortgage-free is music to my ears.

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