My Sony Walkman was nice too — for a minute

I have a Sony Reader — which I like — but I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a Kindle because it’s wireless.

But now I am not so sure.

Apple may be making a major product
on January 27th. My birthday is not too much after that…

It might all be speculation — it could be baloney . But if Apple releases a tablet I’ll be tossing my Sony Reader into the same pile as my Sony Walkman.


  1. No spelling mistakes — I caught three initially — but this isn’t funny. I guess you can’t be funny every day. In fact, I know you are not funny every day ;).

  2. my bro-in-law got a kindle for xmas/b’day…he can give you the hi’s and low’s of it…the cdn kindle can’t do a lot of the internet stuff the US one can…I’m waiting for the apple tablet too, but it’s going to cost about $1000!!! so it better be #$%#@ fantastic and change my life for the good in numerous ways!

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