I’m not getting younger, people!

I wanted to be a writer. (I realize I am a writer of a sort — it pays the bills and I rather enjoy it — but it’s not precisely what I had in mind when I was younger.)

I wanted to be a writer like Anne Beatts. Maybe you don’t know her name but trust me you know her work.

It didn’t happen. I mean, it still could happen, but it is getting much less likely — I have a mortgage, I’m perimenopausal and I’m a lot lazier than I used to be.

So friends, I am asking for your help. I’ve decided that I must go to LA and take a class. Not just any class — Anne Beatts’ class.

If all of you, my treasured readers, send me $10, I’ll have $80 or $90 towards my goal.

Will you help? I’m not getting younger, people.


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