Get outta my way…I’m going get across the street before all you suckers

There is an intersection on my daily route that has an advanced green for cars.

Every single day pedestrians start to cross when the light is still red for them. And every single day someone comes far too close to getting nailed.

It’s like they don’t understand the concept of this very useful piece of traffic engineering.

Then there are the morons who walk about one-third of the way into the road — stopping just outside the auto
turning circle — just to get a rather insignificant head start.

I don’t understand why people don’t get it and I feel it’s my duty to educate them so I’ve taken to yelling: “it’s an advance green you idiots,” as soon as the first yahoo steps off the curb.

That’s the real reason I wear a balaclava — I don’t want to be recognized.


  1. If someone does get smoked, I know you will hang around to give the police your eyewitness account of why the pedestrian deserved it for not following their signal.

  2. it is amazing how bulllish some pedestrians are…didn’t they read the news this week? 4 pedestrians killed…and seemingly at fault…as a driver and walker, I empathize with both sides

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