Just flirting with the disaster of ever deepening nasolabial folds

I’ll admit I wear a lot of winter gear now that I walk to and from work. I think it’s necessary as I get cold easily and it is a long walk.

But today I got a dissenting opinion from a friend. This friend was wearing a yellow coat so I’ll call him Mr. Banana. Mr B for short. He may choose to self identify. We’ll see.

Anyway, Mr. B was of the opinion that I was overdressed. He suggested my headgear especially was more suited to ski-dooing.

This is what I wear:

  • a fleece neck warmer;
  • a thin balaclava;
  • a furry hat with ear flaps;
  • a scarf — more for fashion than warmth.

It may sound like overkill but the need for the hat and neck warmer are obvious. The balaclava may seem unnecessary but I knew I needed it after a week of exposed cheeks. My cheeks are very sensitive and they get chapped easily. Chapping means wrinkles are not far behind. Chapping must be avoided at all costs.

The balaclava is as important as my winter face cream — without them I am just flirting with the disaster of ever deepening nasolabial folds.


  1. I think Mr. B has a point as do all the people who look at you suspiciously as you walk down Spadina.

  2. I’m sure you look lovely sporting your balaclava. It must coordinate with all your accessories!

  3. Sharon, I will be honest — I don’t look lovely in my winter gear. You can barely see my face — only my eyes and brows are visible.

    I look rather silly but I am very toasty! I used to be more stylish en route to work but now I look like I am going dog-sledding.

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