tuesday is mid-century modern day on elias blog

I love mid-century modern houses and furniture. I wish I could live in total 1950s splendor. For your – I mean my – viewing pleasure (since this site is about me!) here’s a corner of my pad. The telephone works and you can just see the corner of the teak chair with cushions. I love that chair more than any other seating in my home. (I never sit in it however. It is reserved for company). That tower thing is a type holder. More early-century high-tech but I bought it on a whim. I plan on taking it to the Antique Roadshow since it is probably worth a pretty penny. I joke about saving for retirement but really snowbird bliss is all wrapped up in that wooden treasure.

Here’s a better view of that very special chair. The lines are so lovely, aren’t they? You can sit on it if you come over. Gently and with only a glass of white wine. Red wine and you are stuck on the brown sofa.

Finally, here’s my favourite radio.

I collect them and have about 10 or so from the 50s. All are very fun to touch. Sometimes I just sit at home turning the dials and thinking about my future. Wondering what will be. What will become of me.

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