99 call

I bought the entire set of TTC subway station buttons. I kept a few for myself (the stops where I’ve lived or worked) and I brought the rest to work to share with my colleagues. Some people thought they were cool and some thought I was weird to buy them — nevermind give them away. (I am both cool and weird. I am also told I’m rather hot but I don’t go there in my blog.)

The nice Spacing people recently released the Scarborough RT & Sheppard line buttons. And I must have them! I lived in Scarborough (shh!) when they built the RT and even remember when the train used to go around that big concrete circle above Kennedy station (if you remember this too please tell me) —  they had to change that because it didn’t work well. (Or at least I think this was the reason. I was really just a baby then and I could not read about it in the popular press).

And I won’t even start to talk about my teenage trips to the Scarborough Town Centre. Oh the shopping for all things Benetton.


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