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Not 5 minutes ago Elizabeth Vargas asked me to log on to “John Stossel’s Web Page“. I almost jumped off the Chesterfield and hit my black and white television with my Fanta. Good thing it does not have a remote or I would’ve thrown it.

Log on
(v.) To make a computer system or network recognize you so that you can begin a computer session. Most personal computers have no log-on procedure — you just turn the machine on and begin working. For larger systems and networks, however, you usually need to enter a username and password before the computer system will allow you to execute programs. Alternative spellings for log on are log in and login.

Sure, I’ll log on just as soon I insert this hot link.

The use of log on is one of the top ten things that drive me mental. I especially hate it on television — where do they get the writers for 20/20 anyway? Luddite land? Do they make copies there on ditto paper too? And I’m no ageist nor am I a youngster. (I typed my papers in university on a typewriter. I know what correction tape is and I called a high school kid young man last week, cracking my friend K. up in the process).

But damn it, people. Visit. You visit a website … unless visit is old now too. How about go to the web page. Just go.

Go. Geez.

And while I’m at it, why does Stossel only have a “Web Page” — can’t they get him a whole site?

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