other people’s feelings

I’m big reader of other people’s blogs. I find reading about people’s lives fascinating. It’s all about the drama and the personal intrigue. Learning someone’s intimate details, their hopes and their dreams — without knowing who they are — is a kind of voyeurism. I don’t peep in windows — I do my peeping elsewhere.

But sometimes, I happen upon a blog of someone I know (or knew). That can weird, especially if they share their — you know — feelings.

I am a big believer in the concept (both on and offline) of too much information. I like to keep the private details of my life (and my hopes and dreams) firmly away from my computer. And God help me if I ever discuss my feelings. I might be persuaded to discuss them after a few drinks but I am not one to drink and type. blog.elias.to is a deep-feeling free zone.

Readers of my blog (who don’t know me IRL) can glean a few things about me: I live downtown, I enjoy shopping and I’m as cute as a button. Perhaps you could also guess my age from the pop culture references. A google search could tell you more about me but nothing that’s not public information. I’m not exactly in the public eye but I do deal with the public on a day-to-day basis.

I like to think of my blog as amusing diversion. Funny, fun and occasionally interesting. I also refer to people by an initial only. No one else I know signed up to be on the internet so I don’t name them.

So does this make my blog boring? I hope not because I never planned to have an online diary. Blogs are different, aren’t they? Mind you, the elias person secretly leads an exciting life full of drama, crime, drugs and ill-advised midnight liaisons.

Now excuse me while I toss the clothes in the dryer and get another cup of tea.

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