Today I was asked for ID.

I had to be asked twice. At first I was confused…”ID? Um, yeah I have ID”. And I wondered why this guy wanted to know if I had any ID with me. Why did he need to know who I was? I do carry my license around with with me but it hasn’t really served to prove my age for some time. Now it just reassures me that I could drive if I really really wanted to.

So this gave me an idea. Let me shave 12 or so years off my resume and I could go work somewhere where I could be the bright young superstar. Just think, if I knew what I know now when I first started to work, I would have skyrocketed to the top before I knew it.

Of course, this is a very dumb idea (I would be ready to retire by the time I got my own office and how would I pay my very real grown-up bills) but I had a few drinks tonight and it sounded good a few hours ago.


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