keeping me off the streets one day at a time

Hello to my 4 — maybe 5 on a good day — readers! Welcome once again to my self-indulgent online experiment.

So here I am trying to dream up an exciting idea. I get paid at work to think up ideas so you’d think I’d be better at this than I actually am.

My issue of the day: I’m torn. I’ve had a website since — I think — about 1998 or 1999 and people used to read it. I used to get many more hits and random emails. When I moved to the blog format (my site has always been a blog but I did not use blogging software) the hits took a bit of a hit (ha ha). I am wondering if I should try and get listed on some blog sites and such.

But are most blogs not just self-indulgent drivel? A lot of what’s out there really is like eavesdropping on a bunch of high schoolers smoking and gossiping behind the portables (oh, the memories of Midland Avenue CI). And a lot is poorly written. (I’d like to think mine is not crap to read since I actually get paid to write things in real life. But that’s a matter of opinion — the collective opinion of all 4 of you, really.)

This blog is not about technology, journalism, marketing or fashion … it is just about things I think up after dinner. Perhaps not the most fascinating content for a wider readership.

But who cares. I don’t think I do or I would not still be here. I still think this is fun and it keeps me at home and out of the crack houses. And that’s what it is all about. Better to sit here with a martini than be outside looking for my next hit.


  1. I don’t think it’s about what we think, I think it is about what you think. I think.

    Cogito ergo sum

  2. You’re right, Trapper. I think.
    BTW — I had to look up “Cogito ergo sum” … I get it now.

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