the yellow tape and some memories

When I first heard the Barenaked Ladies’ song “If I Had a Million Dollars,” I figured the only way I’d ever see a million dollars is if I won the lottery. I was still in school then and I was happy if I had one hundred dollars for the week. Keeping my Acadian — Speedy — in gas was hard enough in those days.

I still think I won’t ever see that much money at once but I know it’s not that much. One thing’s for sure, if I had a million dollars I would not be rich.

Let’s see — buy a nice new house and maybe a nice new car….wait that’s it.

That would be it. I’d still have to get up and go to work. I’d still have bills. I’d still have to think about a budget and plan for a happy retirement.

So a million won’t cut it. In order to retire tomorrow I’d need about 3 million. That much coupled with some careful investing would be just right. Now, the trick is how to do it.

I need to come up with an exciting idea. Sitting here typing up stuff I make up in my head is not going to propel me into retirement any sooner. This site costs me money to maintain. But I can’t very well move to a subscription model, can I? My 4 readers would protest.



  1. Hey, do you have that yellow BNL tape? I think that might be a collector’s item. I have one, too, and I don’t think you can still get it. You might be able to make some money off that….??

    PS nice redesign!

  2. Yeah, I have the yellow tape too! How much do you think I could get?
    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Well, i would quit your job yet … if this is taken as any indication. You’re just all about new websites these days eh?????? Both look great!

  4. Ok, I’ll hang on to the yellow tape for a while longer! Maybe by the time I am ready to retire it will be worth a fortune…or maybe it will be like the 8-Tracks you can pick up at Goodwill! Thanks for the nice thoughts on the sites. I still find doing this fun for some reason but I need get some more readers … how else will I get discovered?

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