this is her courtroom

Between 7 and 8pm thanks to time-shifting and KIRO7 in Seattle, I enjoy a full hour of Judge Judy.

Liking Judge Judy is a bit like liking a demolition derby, I suppose. But I like the show and I like her.

I’m not the only one. Judge Judy regularly ties or even beats Oprah Winfrey in the ratings.

I like her because she’s real (stop it, she is). I remember being very impressed with the 60 Minutes report about her. Although I don’t recall seeing the original broadcast, I did see it when it was re-run a few years ago.

She’s one tough cookie. And she makes sense.

  • children are important
  • sometimes teens do bad things but they are not bad people
  • sometimes teens do bad things and will turn out to be bad people
  • don’t loan money if you expect to get it back
  • if you do feel the need to loan money,
    get something in writing
  • honour your word
  • get out of a bad relationship
  • no one owes you anything
  • treat others how you wish to be treated
  • don’t be a pushover
  • drugs ruin lives
  • pay your bills
  • Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining

The last one is the most important. When it rains it pours.

Unrelated update:
Another astute reader has pointed out there is no link home from the comments page. I can add one but it ends up in an odd spot. I need to look into this some more. For the time being the back button is our friend.


  1. judge judy? eh … she alright

    but she’s no batman (the tv series, not all the crappy movies)

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