The latest fashion

I was running a bit late today due to a fashion crisis.

You would not have guessed this if you saw me today: ankle-length jeans, black top and and Fly London running shoes (same style as shown but mine are brown with lime green straps).

Things I had on before I managed to get out of the house:

  • a pink top
  • a blue top
  • a white top
  • a leopard print top (!)
  • a brown top that looks really great hanging in the closet

The pants remained constant.

The trouble is that summer fashion just does not work for me. You’d think with fewer clothing items worn in the hot months that it would be easier. Nope.

Summer fashions have too much damn colour and contrast…I like black, brown and perhaps beige. I don’t like bright colours, prints or plaids or anything else in the stores come April. I am very unhappy until the temperature dips. I can’t wait until I can wear more clothing….the kind I like.

Today was also a strange day after I managed to get dressed and out the door. For some reason, I blurted out a few things that I was thinking without self-censoring. My friend who witnessed this was quite amused. I don’t often use colorful language when I’m out for lunch but today I said some of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words. Not just a few of the words in isolation. Several. In sentences. They just popped out.

A weird Friday.

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