I read mostly non-fiction. I do belong to a bookclub so some fiction does creep in. But for pleasure,
non-fiction is it.

I just finished Happy Mondays: Putting the pleasure back into work by Richard Reeves. Still not sure about it.

But a new era is dawning. We are in the midst of a revolution in the role of work in our lives. Work is now important – more than ever before. Work is who you are. And a growing number of people actually love to work.

Kind reminds me of “Don’t dream it, be it.” Good advice, sure. But look what happened to Dr. Frank N. Furter.

Okay, back to the topic….workplace culture fascinates me (as does Rocky Horror).

I have no idea why but I am very interested in work and workplace issues. What people do and why they do it is very important to me. I like to ask people about their jobs. (Not sure how much the people I’m asking like it, however.)

What do you do exactly? Do you like it? What are the other people like? What’s the management philosophy? What about teambuilding?

One of my favourite books ever is Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs.

I don’t go so much for the motivational work books as much but I do have a soft spot for Tom Peters.

Sometimes I reread The Brand You 50 just for the hell of it.

I think I should do more things just for the hell of it.

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