the tweezing mirror horror

My hairdresser S. once warned me to never look in a super magnifying mirror. She said I would be filled with horror — anyone would. She did once and she was in quite a state afterwards — and S. has lovely skin.

So today I purchased what was euphemistically labeled a tweezing mirror. I tweeze a few little hairs now and again and I figured this would be helpful.

Optically correct (clear edge to edge with no distortion) 10X-magnifying mirror lets you isolate even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing every time. Suction cups on back of mirror attach to any smooth surface. Portable and practical. Perfect for home or travel.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

I was not looking at my little hairs. Yeah, I could see them very well (the thing works) but all my attention was on my pores. No one needs to see their pores magnified 10 times over. No one.

Racing through my mind was:  I need microdermabrasion and perhaps a phenol peel.  Also, some wrinkle cream stat. I was getting weepy and dizzy and so I forced my gaze away from this optical torture device … and I then I caught a glance at myself in the regular bathroom mirror.

And there I was.

Not perfect. A bit ruddy, a few skin issues to be sure but nary a wrinkle. It was me again.

Regular Christine. Still cute as a button. My hair looked nice too. (Thanks S.)
Readers take S’s excellent advice and never look in a magnifying mirror. You will be sorry.


  1. Sorry, I disagree. The cleanest, most complete and closest shaves I have ever given
    myself has been with a magnifying mirror.

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