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Fashion Question:

Today at 8:30 am in front of my condo — probably on the way to the college nearby — I saw a somewhat stylish young woman (nice hair, beige pants and big shoes) wearing a Maid of the Mist blue raincoat. The (giant) logo was right there on the front. The raincoat — which was actually more of a poncho — was very long and very blue … and it looked pretty thin. I think most people dispose of them after the thrilling journey under the Falls.

Strange. Perhaps she is one of those green “reuse and recycle” people. She didn’t seem to be the environmentalist type however. (Environmentalists don’t typically wear very tall footwear, do they? It’s hard to hike in those babies, no?) Perhaps she was just cheap. But who am I to talk? I was standing under the awning waiting for it to stop pouring rain — I had neither an umbrella nor an unattractive rain poncho. I was frozen there until it let up a bit. I debated going back upstairs to get an umbrella but I was already running late for work and I was not even sure if there was an umbrella in the closet.

It finally stopped a bit and my decision was made … I dashed to the transit stop.

I bet Miss Mist was already sitting pretty at her desk by this time.

Fashion Quest:

I have decided my new goal is to fit into these jeans.

This is not my ass.

I know they are very expensive but I am prepared to spend the cash. I won’t be spending much money on dining out in order to fit into them after all.


  1. I don’t know what “scratch” is! Is this a “meow-type” comment?
    I didn’t mean to offend Miss Mist … but she was wearing the aforementioned garment in public. I am just a correspondent.
    I write them as I see them.

    Or does “scratch” refer to somthimg else? I’m old Trapper, I don’t know all the hip lingo.

  2. “scratch” = money, $’s, cash, moolah, green, bread,
    chips, currency, dough, jack, legal tender,
    lucre, pelf, tender, wampum

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