not as exciting as the day I went to the dentist and had a bagel for lunch

Today there was no one to mock on my way to work. No one on the streetcar was wearing anything I want to comment on.

Once I got to the workplace, I had a rather busy day but by the end of it , I felt like I didn’t get much done.

I didn’t eat lunch again today. I did eat a nutritional bar. I don’t eat them because I’m on a diet but because if I didn’t have them in my desk, I would be hungry. They’re just fuel — they don’t taste good..

I enjoyed my time with my coworkers today.

My office is starting to get a bit messy again after my manic cleaning phase of last week.

I just organized the clothes I plan to wear tomorrow (I do this each night but sometimes I change my mind in the morning) and then I thought I might write a bit here before bedtime.

So I did. See above.

Too bad I had the most boring day since the day I went to the dentist and had a bagel for lunch.

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