expletive expletive expletive

If I hear “it sometimes happens when you get older” again I will lose my expletive mind.

First expletive GERD and now expletive vision issues.

For about a month, I’ve been complaining about my eyes. I thought I needed reading glasses as I was having trouble reading and my eyes were getting very tired. I also was having trouble focusing. Things are more blurry. Reading has become a chore and working on the computer is a bit more difficult.

So this afternoon I went to the eye doctor.

Good news: my prescription is unchanged. Bad news: I’m experiencing difficulty in focusing when changing from far vision to near vision.

There is a name for this รขโ‚ฌโ€ I just forget what it is. Put simply, I lack the ability to re-focus rapidly.

I need vision therapy. Seriously. I need to do daily eye exercises. I don’t do daily exercise of any kind and now I need to work my eye muscles. Daily.

What is involved in a Vision Therapy program?
Vision therapy is:

  • a progressive program of vision “exercises” or procedures;
  • performed under doctor supervision;
  • individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient;
  • generally conducted in-office, in once or twice weekly sessions of 30 minutes to one hour;
  • sometimes supplemented with procedures done at home between office visits (“homework”);

Vision Therapy Is Not Just Eye Exercise
Unlike other forms of exercise, the goal of vision therapy is NOT to strengthen eye muscles. Your eye muscles are already incredibly strong! Vision therapy is not to be confused with any self-directed program of eye exercises which is or has been marketed to the public. Vision therapy is supervised by optometric vision care professionals and many types of specialized and/or medical equipment are used in vision therapy programs, such as

  • prescription lenses (regulated medical devices);
  • therapeutic lenses (regulated medical devices);
  • prisms (regulated medical devices);
  • optical filters;
  • eye patches or occluders
  • electronic targets with timing mechanisms;
  • computer software;
  • vestibular (balance) equipment

Goodness! That’s a lot of expletive.

I am going for my training appointment tomorrow. I will also pick up my special equipment and software. The good thing is I can do the exercises at home. The eye doctor (or shall I call him an optometric vision care professional?) said that 99 per cent of patients get good results from the treatment. Perhaps I have always had this problem and it is just exacerbated by spending too much time doing near tasks? It seems to be a childhood problem. Who knows? I am going to blame my genes.

This is what I will be up to most evenings. Its called Gemstone.


  1. People are going to start googling your site for medical information. This is not a good sign. Why don’t you write about your plan to quit smoking? You are still quitting right?…after your latest ailment…

  2. I don’t want to write any more about my myriad woes. I’m going to get back to the regular light and amusing items. And yes I do plan to do you-know-what. I am not gonna to write about it yet, however. I am still getting used to the idea.

  3. Hey!!! Don’t leave me now girl! We puffers have to stick together – huddled outside in the rain/snow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hang in there …

  4. I’m hanging in A (thanks!) but geez: carpal tunnel, GERD and now this. I need a break. Or at least a drink! (maybe a you-know-what too but I do want to stop — it makes my GERD worse but there are also those other reasons I’ve heard about ;).

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