my weekend

I was here this weekend.

Yes, it’s what you think — a cottage. But I had fun anyway. Probably because it’s somewhat near restaurants. Plus, there were very few bugs.

But in this case there seemed to be some gang trouble at one (somewhat) local food establishment. I asked about this sign but the hostess feigned confusion. I eventually learned the gangs in question are (probably) bikers. Not cycle enthusiasts like myself however.

(Note: I’m beside and not on this thing … that’s the baby that threw me.)


  1. I think it’s the third gang in LA. The one still fighting for their “props”
    (so they can get “cred”). It’s the “Bloods”, the “Crips” and the “Oranges”.

  2. I don’t think I’m at risk of being mistaken for a gang member.

    Gang Related Clothing and Styles – Girls

    • Exaggerated use of mousse, gel or baby oil on hair
    • Black or dark clothing and shoes
    • Black oversized jackets, sweatshirts, athletic football jerseys, etc.
    • Oversized shirts worn outside of the pants
    • Oversized white T-shirts
    • Dark jackets with lettering (cursive or Old English style)
    • Baggy, long pants dragging on the ground
    • Heavy make-up, dark excessive eye shadow, shaved eyebrows, dark lipstick, dark fingernail polish
    • Tank tops or revealing blouses
    • Stretch belts with initial on belt buckle
    • Overalls not fastened

    But I’d been interested in starting my own office gang called the ‘PR Oranges’ — aka the PROs.  My posse can adopt bright orange Pumas as our special symbol. Who’s in?

  3. I’ve got an old leather ‘bomber’ jacket and some denim floods — will that get me in the PR gang?

  4. Judy, you are in the PR gang without a doubt — but don’t jump anyone else in. We have a very exclusive membership and there are very strict membership criteria.

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