The thingamajig input thingy

I was having some trouble hooking up a VCR (er, I mean a DVD player) to to the upstairs television.

I am not good at this and I could not get the stupid thing to work.

So L . offered to come over and help. L. is one of the most technologically gifted people I know. She’s also a decade younger and laughs her ass off when I call a DVD player a VCR.

Despite several attempts, she could not get the thing to work either and we decided a Blu-ray was in order. They are easy to hook up — and really a DVD player in 2010?

So yeah, either that or a PlayStation® is on the shopping list.

That said, I would like to reiterate that L could not get the DVD player to work — it wasn’t just old fogey me unable to comprehend more than one input possibility.

There was an obvious problem with the thingamajig input thingy.

Really, there was. A very obvious problem.


  1. The TV is newish. The input jack thingy is broken. But the HDMI input thingy looks good.

    I would actually like a new laptop! 🙂

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