So what are you working on?

At my book club this week some of us were talking about how our careers don’t mean as much in our forties.

In our twenties and thirties we were all about getting ahead, making more money and getting the next promotion. We talked about our projects, our plans and our goals. Oh yeah, we talked about that kind of stuff a lot. (I bet we were pretty damn boring but I am getting ahead of myself.)

It’s not like we don’t care about work anymore, we do. We just don’t care so very much. It’s not the most important thing on our agendas.

There are so many other interesting things to talk about. And honestly, no one is really that interested in the story, the speech or the website I’ve been working on.

Twenty years ago I was all about getting out there and proving myself.

Ten years ago I was all about getting ahead and doing a great job.

Today I like my work and care about doing well — and yeah, I plan to continue to advance. I would like enjoy my retirement so I need to keep plugging away.

But I don’t plan on boring anyone to death while I do it. I’d rather talk about Glee.


  1. Agree! Fictional show choir = much more interesting than real life. Still aglow from the Madonna episode.

  2. Me too. And I can’t wait until the Lady Gaga episode.

    Glee is almost as fun as Fame was back in the day…

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