It is so wrong….

I know it is so very wrong so I won’t post this on Facebook — I don’t want to have my house firebombed by some perimenopausal Mom — but I get a special thrill from looking at the people I went to high school with. I say unkind things….I try not to but I do…

I know I am awful but did I ever luck out in the gene department. I was not the most beautiful back in the day but I am one hot babe now.


  1. Right on, sister. Many of the “beautiful people” in my high school are now the “I tanned too much and now my face is made of leather” people. I secretly enjoy taking pleasure in their dermatological fails (but only cosmetically–not wishing skin cancer on anyone!).

  2. Yeah, I see the leather faced people, too. And the “I still feel the need to keep the same hairstyle I had in 1986” also figure prominently.

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