The price of being a regular…

Every weekday morning I grab a breakfast sandwich and a coffee before work. And every morning the woman behind the counter greets me with: Same order? (I also have my money ready, unlike many others — that’s how I roll).

Yes, it’s the same thing today as it was yesterday, but one day I might change my mind. I could very well feel like cheese bagel at any moment and thus unleash the apocalypse.

I also like to visit the same breakfast and lunch spot before I do my grocery shopping on the weekends — sometimes Saturday, sometimes Sunday, depending on what I have going on. (The other day I usually have oatmeal from my very own kitchen!) I like this place. It’s close to home and the food is fresh and tasty. But being a regular has its drawbacks: chit chat. Increasing chit chat…

I am fairly chatty. I like talking to people, but if I am by myself it’s because I like being alone sometimes. I enjoy having someone else make my eggs, but I really just want to sit here quietly and read my book and sip my coffee. Honest.

The woman who owns the diner is used to seeing me and lately she’s been making more than just the regular pleasantries (which I don’t mind). She’s attempting conversations.

I do go in after the rush, so she has time to chat me up. I am polite, I answer her questions and talk about whatever’s on her mind — today it was the price of laundry soap being outrageous. (It is, yes.)

She probably thinks this is something I enjoy. Maybe she thinks people eating alone are open — or perhaps looking — for contact. No doubt some are and it’s great she’s so welcoming. But not me. I like my alone time.

I don’t really want to look for a new diner to frequent. It’s the price of familiarity. I am willing to pay it for some nice eggs over easy and a good cup of coffee. And yes, cheap laundry soap is no bargain and I like Bounce dryer sheets as well, even if they are the most expensive.

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