Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Movies and Macedonians

I’ve spent the week at the Toronto International Film Festival. Lots of fun and I’d love to do this again. If you want to read some great reviews, visit my friend’s site…we didn’t agree on the some of the movies we saw, but her reviews are wonderful — she even changed my mind about To The Wonder after I read her write-up.

I’ve also been enjoying The Senator. Today I had the most delicious Monte Cristo sandwich. And a pickle! (You can order a gaint pickle as a side dish — heaven!)

I learned — since I’ll read anything including all the extra stuff on menus — that the restaurant was founded by a Macedonian. The current owners are the Nicolau family and given the fact that the writer of the history mentioned the original owner was Macedonian, I have a pretty good feeling that the Nicolau’s are Macedonians, too. After all, I am an Elias….not the most Macedonian sounding name either, eh?


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