the epicentre of transit hell

I’m not always a prompt person when it comes to getting to my office in the morning but I’m not trying to annoy people, honest. The New York Times has very interesting article on the topic: For the Chronically Late, It’s Not a Power Trip. In my case it certainly is not. In fact, I was never late until I moved into the epicentre of transit hell a few years ago.

For me the problem is underestimating the time it will take me to get to work. It should take me no more than 20 minutes (and sometimes it does). But it can often take 40+ minutes because of some serious streetcar issues along King Street. I often have to wait for three or four (or even five or six) cars to go by before I can board because they are totally packed with (very unhappy looking) people.

The fact that the King street is a nightmare for commuters is no’s Toronto’s busiest route. There are some plans in the works to make it better but nothing that will help me in the short term.

I have no point really except that I really hate taking the streetcar. There is another route I can take to work but it’s rather circuitous (and it just seems totally counterintuitive to go that way)… but it’s still faster than waiting for a bunch jammed cars to inch their way past me and all the other crabby folks at the stop.

It’s almost enough to make me walk. Almost.

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