jeans and the internet

Today I got up a bit late and threw on some jeans, running shoes and a nice brown top. Perfect for brunch or a day at the office when you have a lot of work to do — not so perfect when you have a meeting that calls for business attire. I usually have a suit or blazer/jacket in my office for days like this but not this time…I took most of my winter emergency meeting stuff home. All I had was a green jacket that didn’t go with my outfit. Frankly, it goes with very little but I’m oddly fond of it.

So I went home on my lunch and changed. This is the second time in seven years I’ve done this.

Not much more to tell, really. I probably should bring another suit to the office. Lesson learned — again. This will be the last time.

On another note, I’ve been getting a lot of nice feedback on my Facebook story (on Facebook no less) which pleases me.

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