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Sunsilk Shampoo Originally launched in the Netherlands in 1956, Sunsilk is a leading hair care brand, available in more than 80 countries around the globe. It’s the fastest-growing hair brand in Europe and now Sunsilk is available in Canada!

Because I work in a setting flush with young people, samples for various products are often around. I’m a glutton for samples.

For example, I recently received the entire Sunsilk line of shampoos, conditioners and creams.

I tried (in no particular order):

  • Sunsilk Hydra TLC (I don’t have dry hair)
  • Sunsilk Anti-poof (I don’t have poofy hair)
  • Sunsilk De-frizz (I don’t have frizzy hair)
  • Sunsilk Anti-flat (I do have somewhat flat hair)

Oddly enough, I liked the results of all the various formulations but the Anti-flat was indeed the best one. Plus it smelled nice and I really was very impressed with the lather (I should be in focus groups). It was a very pleasant sample experience.

You know, I’m a marketers dream — the next time I bought shampoo (just this past weekend) I bought a big bottle of Sunsilk Anti-flat.

I use my special Lakme shampoo every other wash — and up until now I was a Pantene Pro-V gal.

No longer.

But I better ask my friend and hair consultant S. if this new dream shampoo has any hidden horrors for my sensitive and delicate hair follicles — lest this stuff be very bad for my hair.

Pantene Pro-V — at least until S. weighs in — is ovah.


  1. I too have recently dabbled in Sunsilk Straighten Up Conditioner. I have the unfortunate inheritance of my father’s wacky hair (along with the unfortunate long upper lip and goofy toes). The Sunsilk bottle asked me if I had Stubborn Kinks or Unwanted Waves! How did it know? It said it would leave it straight and silky. Well it didn’t really — I am still a slave to my straightener. Maybe if I buy the Sunsilk Straighten Up Shampoo? Sigh … at least the bottle is purple and pretty to look at. 🙂

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