more glucosamine…

Good news: this didn’t happen last week when I was in New York.

Bad news: I somehow hurt my knee walking (just walking!) down the street. I didn’t step in a hole, fall off a curb or twist my knee on a discarded banana peel or ketchup packet. I was just walking and my knee started to hurt…for no reason whatsoever.

…and it still does 3 hours later. Not a lot but enough to be a pain not only in the knee but also in the ass.

It feels like it’s cracking or popping when I walk. Very odd especially — did I mention this — I WAS JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET NORMALLY!

So I’m going to see how it goes. I put some ice on it (even though was no actual injury to speak of ) to see if that helps. If it still hurts on Monday, I’ll make an appointment to see my doctor. Mind you, I’m not sure what he can do either. Don’t they need X-rays to see if you did something to your inner bits?

I did hurt this knee was I was a teen and it does sometimes ache but this business is new. I sure hope it’s not age-related — I’m too young to start needing glucosamine…wait, I already take that right after my daily dose of the dreaded fish oil.

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