The Death of an Urban Dream?

I went out on my scooter this weekend and was — after an enjoyable two block stretch — cut-off by a taxi hell bent in getting into my lane. I’m sure he saw me — I was wearing a vivid orange safety vest— but I guess he didn’t care or figured he’d swerve around me. I used the emergency skills I learned in training and tried to avoid the situation (and I did) but I did end up on the street with Mimi.

I’m fine. Bumped, bruised and sore but fine.

But I’m not going to drive a two-wheeled vehicle anymore. I’m a good scooter — I did very well in my course — but driving in the city is just not as fun as I imagined it would be. It’s stressful and the other drivers don’t make it any easier. Living in the busiest part of downtown doesn’t help either. Perhaps if I lived in a more sedate area, I’d have more fun. But I don’t. I live in crazy taxi cab central.

I’m a little sad but I know this is the right decision for me. Perhaps one day, if I move, I may try again.

See you on the streetcar my friends.

BTW: Speaking of friends….I was thinking today it’s been a long time since I’ve seen some of my peeps. Summer is just so busy and goes by so fast. As soon as things get cooler and once everyone is back from cottaging and holidays (me included) I think I will organize an outing or six.


  1. I agree Trapper. I’m a little sad but I’m sure this is the right decision.

  2. That’s sounds really scary! I hope you heal quickly, inside and out. I’m a big TTC advocate. There are always interesting people to watch.

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