Fashion and computers — today’s essentials

There’s this guy at my work who always wears black. He always looks good too. He’s in a creative field — more creative than public relations — so he can get away with it.

Sometimes I wish I could simplify my wardrobe — wearing all black all the time would might work. The only trouble is blacks don’t always match and they go to hell in a few washes. They guy at my work doesn’t seem to have this problem — all his blacks are as dark as the night sky. I wouldn’t be so lucky. Even Zero Darkâ„¢ would probably have my darks gray in a week.

But still it would make things easy. And I want easy. Maybe switching to a job where a uniform is required might do the trick. Brown is nice too.

On a related note, today I saw a guy wearing a (not unattractive) suit with the jacket a few shades lighter than the pants. I guess he wore the jacket by itself a lot and got it dry cleaned several times without the pants. Big mistake, buster. I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and advise him that he must dry clean his pants with his jackets to avoid this obvious fashion faux pas.

On a totally unrelated note, I really want ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC). An iPhone or an iTouch (as much as I love them) won’t do. I need some key features only a PC can provide and it must be small. Very small. My Palm Pilot — which was stolen a year a ago and still very much missed — was almost perfect. I suppose I could go an get another Palm.

I don’t need a phone. I have a Blackberry that I don’t love already. I only use it because it can sync to my work schedule. I’ saw a VAIO® UX Micro PC in Las Vegas earlier this year and I was smitten but I don’t have 3 big ones to spend on a little computer. I’ve been looking around the interwebs tonight at a number of UMPCs and Samsung’s Ultra Mobile PC looked interesting as well.

In fact, a number of them would do the trick! I’m leaning towards the Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile Tablet PC but have no made up my mind yet. It’s black by the way so it will go with my new wardrobe. The only problem is that it’s not available in Canada…so I have to get creative in order to purchase one.

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