Singing on the streetcar

On the streetcar today I encountered a gaggle of day campers. They were all sitting down and fairly well behaved. This was a good thing as the car was packed full of work-weary people.

But one counsellor insisted on singing with/to the kids. I knew the song of course but I was in no mood for singing that sauna. I was in the mood for a Margarita.

In my day, we kept (or tried to keep) the campers quiet on the TTC. Singing was an at-camp activity or something we did on hikes. We knew better than to torment people in public. I almost said something before I realized (duh) that these poor teenagers were supervising about 20 kids on a streetcar…the last thing they need is some cranky adult complaining about the noise. What they needed — I bet — was a Piña Colada. (It takes a few years for the young to truly appreciate a tequila cocktail).

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