I just want to listen to some music

So today I was updating my iPod. The reason? I’ve moved offices. My new office is a concrete block room with a solid wooden door — it’s very soundproof. And soundproof means music! I didn’t play music in my old office as it had very thin walls. I tend to play music loudly (I don’t hear well) so this was not really an option before.

Earlier this evening, I was thinking about which songs I wanted to add to my collection. My first thought was Luba. I loved Luba. But iTunes does not have much Luba going on. I only managed to locate “Everytime I See Your Picture” on a compilation of Canadian pop classics. Luba released eight albums and had several hits including “How Many” and “Innocent (With An Explanation)”… and there was only one damn song on the site.


This annoyed me.

I don’t like Maroon 5. I don’t like Coldplay. I have no idea what Chris Brown sings or who/what Ne-Yo is — I just looked them up and apparently they’re popular. Wonderful. I wish them all the success in the world but I want Luba. And maybe some Joe Jackson stuff I don’t have on CD already. Why does this have to be so hard?

I think there should be a new online music store called “Peaked in the 80s”. For people who are not too old to figure out their iPods (and even have blogs they administer themselves) but who are too old (or set in their ways) for the Top 40.


  1. Don’t worry Christine, the Doctor has your prescription ready. Will try to drop it off at your office tomorrow if I have a moment.


  2. Oh, my. Christine, what’s NOT wrong with Luba? I only say that in the most positive, supportive way…

  3. You guys really seem to dislike Luba. I must admit, I’m a bit surprised. I guess I’m the only one who peaked musically in the 80s.

  4. Thank you so much Dr. K….who brought me a Luba CD as well as an REM CD — it was nice to see you today. Liz, yeah, I have tried alternative methods but I did not have much success.

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