Stupid cable wire thingies

I am very technically handy: I’m the go-to person in my office for all manner of computer woes, I can fix a leaky faucet and I know the trick to installing a butterfly anchor.

But I’ve always had a great deal of trouble setting up cable connections and DVD players. I have no idea why.

It always seems like a simple task (a few wires; no big deal) until the moment I crack and am compelled to throw the remote across the room in despair.

(I didn’t hit anything with the stupid remote and the DVD player works now.)


  1. I’m too stubborn to ask for help. Do you know what I took at school? Hint: I can shoot and edit video and audio tape — tape being the key word. My skills are ancient in that department..

    I did figure it out but I will call you for the speaker set up — the tv has puny sound but I am not going there.

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