street of delights…

One of the highlights of the New York trip was our Canal Street adventure. K. knows the shopping there well and we visited:

  1. the inside of a mini-van (yes, a mini-van full of faux bags!) where I purchased something that looks a (little) bit like this … not quite but what can you expect for a faux. I like it anyway because it was my first mini-van shopping experience.
  2. A secret backroom in a purse store where I bought something that looks almost exactly like this … this one is actually a pretty good fake. Today my acupuncturist was admiring it. She said it was a very good faux and she seemed to know her stuff.

I also bought —

  • a pair of skinny jeans (I never thought I’d go back to the 80s)
  • a brown ultrasuede top
  • a bracelet with skulls on it
  • Kenneth Cole boots
  • a patterned top
  • two cheapie watches from a discount store

I’m done shopping now for a long time.

I don’t need anything else.

Want is another story.


  1. You forgot to list that Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Wasn’t the customs guy nice not to make you pay taxes?
    P.S. Will this shopping hiatus last as long as the smoking hiatus?

  2. Yes, I will wear it. It is quite the fun item.
    Indeed I think I may wear many things I purchased in New York…since they make me feel so cool.

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