coming back to Guelph…

Look, it’s me in front of you-know-what. I’ll try and post more pictures with the others after I get their permission to post — and hopefully some more pictures! I don’t have a full group shot on my camera and that would be nice to see here.

Radio City Music Hall

Plus, I don’t post pictures of others without making sure they are happy with the shots. (Mind you, I have the luxury of photoshopping myself…I don’t look this great in person. I do offer this service to anyone appearing on my site too.)

We had a great time! I love NYC and coming back to Guelph — I mean Toronto — is always bittersweet after visiting the greatest city in the world.Thank you very much T., K. & K. for putting up with me … I was not feeling 100% over the weekend and I fear I may have been a little complainy at times. I tried to keep it in check— honest. But I know I can go on — I like to think it is part of my charm.

It is, right?

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