The skull bracelet I bought in NYC is from an outfit called Wrecords by Monkey. The bracelets are made from recycled records. This one looks like the one I have except the skulls on mine are gold and the background is black and reddish. But this is the style. I’m quite fond of it. My friend K. got one too in a graffiti style. Cool things.

T. — here’s an update — I’ve decided that I want to resume my smoking hiatus. I don’t want to live with this hanging over my head. I really am sick of it — it does nothing but upset me. It is the single best thing I can do for my health. I mean, I take vitamins, I try to eat well and I worry all the time about getting old. Well, I want to be old (and healthy) and this is not helping my cause. I can do it — I have proven that to myself … I just need to stick to it. I have climbed higher mountains.

I know I just have to try again but I must try harder this time. I lasted almost three weeks last time … that’s a long time. I just need to resist that “I’ll have just one” urge. I can’t have just one.  If I have one then I will have another. I also can’t keep telling myself “I don’t smoke that much.” I don’t but that’s not the point —  I don’t want to have any. For example,  I have not smoked in about two days (it’s not unusual for me not to smoke on weekends or if I’m not at work that day) and then I decided to have one tonight. After which, I got annoyed with myself … I can go 48 hours without even thinking about smoking and I then feel like one and off I go.

I know I can do it —  so why don’t I?  That I don’t know. And  if I did, well, I’d be rich.


  1. I don’t think shunning will work. I would just be sad…and if I’m sad…its a vicious cycle. I’m just going to put my mind to it again.

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