all about the hair

There’s a new television show called Dexter.

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), the hero of Showtime’s new series “Dexter,” is a smart, wittily self-aware homicidal maniac in the tradition of Richard III and Hannibal Lecter. But Dexter is a made-for-television serial killer: he kills only people who deserve to die.

I missed the first episode but I caught the second one last night. I’ll admit I tuned in because I enjoy that Mr. Hall.

I enjoyed him as a over-coiffed uptight gay guy in Six Feet Under and I really enjoy him as a moussed-up sociopath.

It’s pretty interesting what hair can mean … what hair can do. Indeed, there have been theses written about the meaning of hair.

But the funny thing is that David Fisher (of the tidy hair) looks more like a sociopath than Dexter — who looks kinda like a rock star or perhaps a writer.

It’s the hair. Hair talks.


  1. It means what you want it to…
    Why do we say “losing hair” and not “gaining head”? Probably for the same reason we say “losing virginity” and not “finding sex.” When it comes to these two sticky topics, looks and performance, men can be so inherently pessimistic.”
    I’ll close with: Patrick Stewart, James Gandolfini, Andre Agassi and Vin Diesel. In their cases – and others – thinning or none at all means rather pleasing. In other cases – think of some rug-wearing celebs – attempts to hide the thinning makes me think they are hiding more than their heads. So thinning to me says open and honest. Not sneaky and vain.

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