Should these be seen outside the washing machine?

I don’t know why the hell I buy brown pants. Today I wore I pair I like (in terms of fit and style) but they’re still brown. The only colours that I am certain go with brown are beige, white or cream. I didn’t wear any of those shades today. I wore a navy blue polo top.

I really have no idea if it worked. It looked okay to me as I figure they are both neutrals. But I have a nagging doubt that I was walking around the office today making people wonder if I dressed in the dark.

Last time I wore these pants I wore a bright green top but I was told that I looked like a tree by someone I love but whose fashion opinions I don’t hold in high regard.

The green top (I think it worked) was not available this morning and I was at a loss.

I am never buying brown pants again. Black, black and black from now on.

Oh and jeans. Now there’s a neutral that one can’t mess up.

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