Rubber toe socks and other fashion issues

I got two different opinions about my outfit yesterday — yes, I was asking my friends.

Friend #1: You looked fine.
Friend #2: (Reluctantly) Well….you asked: light blue maybe. Navy blue, no.

But my hair looked great yesterday and that’s all that matters.

Oh, today I saw a young man at work wearing rubber (maybe neoprene) shoe/sock things. They fit like gloves for his feet with sections for each toe. My red nail polish barefoot lady should get a pair of those.

He was enjoying zero arch support and yet was protecting his feet from the elements.

Brilliant! It’s about time someone invented rubber toe socks for people who are nuts enough to buy them.


  1. hey there!…had lost my link to your blog…but just got it back…and as always was entertained and informed.
    re: toe shoes…just saw these a couple of weeks ago on my friend’s 12 year old…she LOVES them…but they look weird…and not for those of us with foot/arch support issues
    re: bare foot…noticed in NOW mag last week that there was a ‘group barefoot walk’…was tempted to go, just as a voyeur…again- a weird thing to do in a city!!
    hope to see you in person soon! k

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